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Local children's librarian provides latest news on books and more

 'Tales Told in Tents,' by Sally Pomme Clayton.
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Date published: 3/10/2009


"Zarina's Orchard" from Tajikistan features a girl with 39 sisters who faces down the terrifying Dev, a creature with a bald head, one red eye and a long black tongue.

A boy who longs to travel the Silk Road gets his wish, thanks to a lucky ruby he finds inside an old carpet in Afghanistan's "The Carpet of Dreams."

Interspersed are riddles like this one from Uzbekistan: "Sweet little princess with a crown on her head, break her open and her jewels are red." (Did you guess it's a pomegranate?)

Sophie Herxheimer illustrates each tale with richly colored paintings decorated with traditional motifs.

All children should know the Robin Hood tales, and they are beautifully retold in "Song of Robin Hood." Anne Malcolmson went back to the original ballads to edit the book, complete with musical accompaniment by Grace Castagnetta.

Virginia Lee Burton's spirited black-and-white illustrations on every page are filled with details that evoke medieval manuscripts.

Readers and listeners who can adjust to a few thee's and thou's will be rewarded by heroic stories of Little John, Will Scarlet, Maid Marian and Allen a Dale as they battle the Sheriff of Nottingham and bring justice to the oppressed.

Caroline Parr is coordinator of children's services for Central Rappahannock Regional Library. Phone her at 540/372-1160 or e-mail her at
Email: cparr@crrl.org.

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