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Battlefields get some tender loving care page 2
Volunteers help clean up battlefields across the state, including Wilderness and Brandy Station

 Donna Stanton (left) and Libby Kridler of Orange County pick up trash along State Route 20 at the Wilderness battlefield yesterday.
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Date published: 4/5/2009


Last month, the Civil War Preservation Trust named Wilderness as one of the 10 most-endangered battlefields in the nation. The news conference brought big names, including Oscar-winning actor Richard Dreyfuss, to promote preserving historic sites from encroaching development.

Although some of the volunteers yesterday expressed concerns about Wal-Mart's proposal to build a 138,000-square-foot store within a quarter-mile of the battlefield, that project was not the focus of their work.

They came to help maintain the park, something that the Park Service struggles to do because of budget constraints.

Rains said a lot of the trash along the roadways--from beer bottles to fast-food bags--comes from vehicles driving to a convenience site off State Route 621 in Spotsylvania.

"People are bringing trash and they have it in the back of their pickups. It just flies around because they don't have it tied down, and they don't even realize it," he said.

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