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Man, 20, sentenced to prison in gang-initiation sex offense
Gang member sentenced in Spotsylvania for sexual contact with young girls

Date published: 9/12/2009


A man who had sex with a 13-year-old girl as part of a gang initiation was ordered yesterday to serve two years in prison.

William Thomas Ellis III, 20, pleaded guilty to sexual battery, gang participation and gang recruitment of a juvenile in Spotsylvania Circuit Court. Other charges were dropped or reduced.

According to the evidence presented by prosecutor Brian Boyle and prior testimony, Ellis was visiting the girl's home in Spotsylvania Oct. 6, when he talked to her and a 12-year-old girl about joining his gang, the Crips.

Ellis informed the 13-year-old that in order to join, she would have to be "sexed in."

The girl later agreed to have sex with Ellis in order to join the gang, court records state. But she later changed her mind and decided against joining.

Ellis had sex with the girl in her parents' kitchen and tied a blue bandana around her left leg to symbolize her initiation. The 12-year-old said she was improperly touched against her will.

Detective Jason Dembowski has testified that Ellis told him he is a member of the Crips. He said "sexing-in" and displaying the blue bandana are common practices of the gang.

Ellis will be on indefinite probation following his release and was ordered to have no contact with the victims or their families.

Attorney Stacy Garcia represented Ellis.

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