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Bus drivers are upset by policy page 2
New policy for bus drivers creates buzz at School Board meeting

Date published: 9/15/2009


Board member Ray Lora said he wanted to discuss the issues he heard with Hill.

Each of those board members' comments were greeted by applause from the crowd. Board member Donald Holmes' comments weren't well-received.

Holmes said when he was a Marine, he had no choice about what doctor he used and said that an employer has the right to say who will conduct such exams.

"We, as employers, do have the right," Holmes said.

But he said he is concerned about comments shared with the board.

"If there is anything inappropriate about the physicals, that ought to be cleaned up."

Also last night, the School Board approved a letter to be sent to the Board of Supervisors explaining that it cannot afford to reinstate activity buses for middle and high schools.

Last week, the supervisors sent the School Board a letter asking it to reconsider its decision to eliminate the buses starting with the 2009-10 school year.

Board member Amanda Blalock did not support the letter. She said she had hoped the board would look at other options to assist students, especially those at Spotsylvania High School, the school hit hardest by the absence of the buses.

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