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Area Red Cross doesn't want your cars
Area Red Cross doesn't want your cars

Date published: 9/19/2009

If solicitor calls, he's not from Red Cross

Keep your cars. The Rappahannock Chapter of the American Red Cross doesn't need them.

A recent spate of robocalls, however, might give area residents a different idea.

Some Red Cross donors and a board member called the area agency, irritated after receiving five or six automated calls asking for used-car donations.

"We never solicit over the phone," said chapter manager Phyllis McBride. "We would never, ever call like that to ask for money."

And the chapter doesn't collect used cars as a fundraiser.

"Anyone who gets this call, please hang up," McBride said. "It's not us calling."

For details, call McBride at 540/735-0553.

--Amy Flowers Umble