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Spotsylvania church marks 150 years page 2
Little Mine Road Baptist Church in Spotsylvania County to celebrate its 150th anniversary Oct. 18

 The Rev. Herman Ellis served as pastor of Little Mine Road for 26 years. He passed away in 1995.
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Date published: 10/10/2009


"The first church was more like a shed or a brush arbor," said church historian Roganna Howard-Rollins, Martha Rollins' daughter-in-law.

The church has come a long way since its inception before the Civil War. Howard-Rollins, who joined the church when she was 12, said she's happy to have been a part of such a rich tradition.

"It's a lot of history we've held onto," she said. "Going through civil rights, going through segregation, then gaining a lot of independence it's all coming back to help the church."

The church went through two buildings before building the current structure in 1974.

Planning for the new sanctuary began in 1965, with a seed fund of only $75.

"I was wondering how they was going to build a new church with only $75," said Stanard, who was the youngest member of the church's planning committee.

Little Mine Road is celebrating its anniversary with a series of worship services. The services will take place in the evenings beginning Sunday, Oct. 18, and running until Tuesday, Oct. 20. Celebrations will include commemorative addresses by former pastors of the church.

Stanard said that the 150th anniversary of the church gives him a sense of pride.

"It makes me feel rewarded for the work that my parents and [ancestors] put into the church," he said.

Mrs. Rollins agreed. "It makes me feel good to know that I have been in the house of the Lord so long," she said.

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