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Forget roses: Give the gift of GPS to save your marriage
Tech Toys: GPS saved his marriage

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Date published: 10/10/2009

FOR SOME MEN, it takes regular deliver- ies of roses.

For some, frequent romantic dinners.

For some, it involves vacuuming and washing the dishes.

For others, it requires all of the above.

But the key to keeping my marriage intact has been GPS.

I have no sense of direction and hate to ask for directions. So my continually getting lost on trips any more complicated than making a run to the supermarket has been a source of a great deal of tension.

Before we got GPS, when we went on trips my wife, Lisa, would typically want to drive because she'd be certain I'd get lost. She'd hand me the map, then nervously ask me every 100 yards when the next turn was. She'd get frustrated and grab the map and spread it out on the steering wheel--while she was going 65 mph on the interstate.

"Mommy, I want to live," our 6-year-old would say.

Either divorce or death was looming on the horizon.

So when I bought my latest car, a good factory GPS system was a major factor in my decision. It's such a huge stress-reducer it may have saved my marriage. I also have been trying out a Televav application that costs $10 a month via AT&T on my BlackBerry Bold, and am pretty happy with that.

But Lisa still doesn't have GPS in her car, and I really don't want her driving and reading maps at the same time. She also needs a new phone. The chintzy one she uses now has a tiny screen, so adding a GPS app wouldn't help. Besides, those apps can be hard to use and inaccurate.

The new Garmin nüvifone G60 smart phone, which integrates the world's best- selling GPS navigator with voice, data and mobile Web and mounts on the windshield while driving, could be the perfect solution for some.

It's very simple to use, with an iPhone-type intuitive touch-screen interface.

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