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Giuliani stumps for McDonnell
Giuliani campaigns for McDonnell

 Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani signs autographs in Stafford yesterday morning.
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Date published: 10/29/2009


Former presidential candidate and New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani told Republicans they can "make a statement" about government spending and policies in Tuesday's elections.

Giuliani and former Attorney General Jerry Kilgore--who himself ran for governor in 2005--stumped for Republican gubernatorial candidate Bob McDonnell at the Fredericksburg Republican headquarters yesterday morning.

McDonnell was not there, campaigning instead with Mitt Romney, who also ran for president last year. Giuliani and Kilgore also made stops in Northern Virginia.

"People want to make a statement--enough is enough," Giuliani said. "Government is taking over too much already. We want to put a stop to it. You put a stop to it by electing someone like Bob McDonnell who understands limited government. I think Virginians are going to send a real message by electing Bob McDonnell."

Giuliani said government is trying to take over health care and handling the economic recession by growing government and spending more--the opposite, he said, of the Republican philosophy of limited government and personal freedom.

Giuliani later said he doesn't think the election is a referendum on President Barack Obama specifically.

"It is primarily a race in Virginia of Virginians registering their dissent with this almost inexorable growth of government," he said after the rally.

Polls show all three Republican statewide candidates with sizable leads going into Tuesday's election.

McDonnell has double-digit leads over Democrat Creigh Deeds in polls released this week.

Giuliani praised the crowd for their enthusiasm.

"I've been in a lot of campaigns, and you can feel it when a campaign is going to win," he said.

But he cautioned them not to slack off between now and Election Day. "The polls never tell you much but that you've got to work hard," he said after the rally.

Kilgore, too, warned the crowd against taking victory for granted.

"It is important that we not get complacent," Kilgore said, adding that it's "calling and hauling time" to get voters out to the polls.

McDonnell, along with lieutenant governor candidate Bill Bolling and attorney general candidate Ken Cuccinelli, will be in Fredericksburg for a rally Saturday morning.

Deeds released his schedule through Sunday and there are no Fredericksburg area visits included.

The election is Nov. 3.

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