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Spotsylvania County deeds for November

Date published: 1/2/2010


Secretary Of Housing And Urban Dev. to Martin Newton, 112 Galaxie Drive, Millgarden South, $150,000.

Foundation Properties, LLC to Streetephen M. Forcum, 39 Ocala Lane, Parkwood, $175,500.

Fannie Mae to Jamie E. Monoskey, 7 Olympic Drive, Parkwood, $153,000.

Robert C. Jones to Bruce M. Whalen, Jr., 10332 Kupperton Court, Pelhams Crossing, $300,000.

Secretary Of Housing And Urban Dev. to Andrew D. Moran, 10401 Maguire Court, Plantation Forest, $245,000.

Gregory E. Thomas to Martha L. Alley, 10211 Bayberry Lane, Plantation Forest, $174,000.

Streetephen R. Bennett, IV to Nadjhia Normil, 10511 Edenton Road, Quail Ridge, $201,300.

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Jason Matthew Jones, 11308 Cheshire Court, Queens Mill, $217,000.

US Bank National Association to Wesley L. Goodman, Jr., 7909 Elmwood Drive, Raintree, $141,100.

Deutsche Bank National Trust to Erin J. Castro, 11814 Gardenia Drive, Red Rose Village, $235,000.

Hsbc Bank Usa National Assoc. to Adrian A. Driveayton, 7603 Regency Glen Drive, Regency Glen, $170,000.

Foundation Properties, LLC to Bradford Jenner, 112 East Mclaws Street , Roseland, $134,000.

Cheng Houchao to Longino Bizimana, 2402 Ruffin Drive, Ruffins Pond, $235,000.

Foundation Properties, LLC to Opal F. Parsons, 11105 Trinity Lane, Salem Fields, $204,000.

Doris A. Beck to Gary W. Freeman, 11223 Macon Drive, Salem Fields, $217,000.

Dorothy R. Bradicich to Barbara D. Pauls, 11490 Chelsea Court., Salem Streetation, $198,850.

Jeannie Martha Durvis to Vernon L. Godwin, 5700 Falls Way Court, Salem Streetation, $159,950.

Pamela Anne Sagun to Bryan R. Workman, 12135 Sawhill Boulevard, Sawhill, $677,700.

Thomas P. Sagun to Donald L. Williams, 12126 Sawhill Boulevard, Sawhill, $860,000.

Donald L. Williams to Pamela Anne Sagun, 11904 Sandy Hill Court., Sawhill, $475,000.

Deutsche Bank National Trust to Terryll L. Dominy, 6800 Tupelo Drive, Shade Tree, $138,500.

Northwest Design/Build/Renovat to Beaukin Lee Prine, 6811 Tupelo Drive, Shade Tree, $176,000.

Lawrence C. Turner, Jr. to Darren Turner, 11713 Eisenhower Lane, Sheraton Hills, $200,000.

Nancy Newton to Patrice M. Davis, 12016 Sheraton Hills Drive., Sheraton Hills, $215,000.

Arm Properties, LLC to Timothy R. Wagner, 5812 Jackson Road, Sheraton Hills East, $213,000.

Michael T. Grubb to Trenton R. Helmkamp, 5303 Rachels Court., South Oaks, $230,000.

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