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To find true love, you've got to stop and smell the armpits
The scientific side of Valentine's Day

Date published: 2/13/2010

HERE'S a roman- tic column for those looking for love this Valentine's Day.

It turns out that your compatibility with a potential mate may be determined by each person's ability to resist fungi, viruses and bacteria. Certain genes determine how our immune systems function. So if you're good at resisting fungi and that blonde at the bar is good at resisting bacteria, you'll have good chemistry. Just hope that other guy over there isn't resistant to viruses. Then you're not going to get lucky.

And it seems that biologically, the more different your immune system is from a member of the opposite sex's, the better chance there is that the two of you will produce healthy children. This makes absolutely no sense to me at all, but the Los Angeles Times, the Economist, BusinessWeek and Fox News are reporting it, so it must be true. So I guess if your immune systems are adept at resisting different things, that means your child's will be OK, I don't get it.

And the more likely you are to produce healthy offspring, the more sexual attraction there is. That part makes sense.

Anyway, subconsciously your nose detects genetic cues, literally from the smell of other people's armpits and urine. If you like the way someone's pits and urine smell, she's different enough from you to be compatible.

One would think that if your pits stink, you'd have no chance. But it doesn't work that way. Stench is in the nose of the beholder. See, if hers smell good to you, yours smell good to her, even if both of you have pits that are rancid.

And now, for a mere $1,000, ScientificMatch .com will take a swab of your DNA and match you up with someone else's DNA that's different enough from yours, pit- and pee-wise, that unbridled passion will be kindled. This miracle of science saves you from going from one person to the next, sniffing their underarms, for years on end. So it's well worth the money.

According to Scientific Match.com, if you are armpit opposites:

Chances are increased that you'll love the natural body fragrance of your matches.

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