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HAMPLE GETS $217,000
UMW released amended employment agreement with outgoing President Judy Hample

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PDF: Read Judy Hample's amended employment contract.

Date published: 3/16/2010


University of Mary Washington President Judy Hample will receive a lump payment of $217,000 after she leaves the school, according to an amended employment agreement.

University officials said in a statement yesterday that the payment, which is in addition to her $330,000 salary, is a "fair and equitable settlement."

The statement noted that Hample waived her right to become a tenured professor.

"She's given up her contractual right to have a tenured faculty position and that was deemed to be worthy of compensation," UMW Rector Nanalou Sauder said yesterday.

Hample's original contract was to expire June 30, 2013.

She signed the amended agreement March 7, shortly after announcing she would resign after just two years as UMW's first woman president. Hample, 62, refused to cite specific reasons for her resignation, saying only that they were "personal."

The Free Lance-Star requested the employment agreement last week and received a copy yesterday.

Hample will be on a sabbatical April 1 through June 30, according to the amended agreement. Her salary won't change and she can stay in Brompton, the president's official residence.

Hample must receive her severance pay by July 15. Her original contract did not entitle her to further compensation if she resigned.

"A severance package is often typical in the early dissolution of contracts, and this agreement does not differ greatly in substance from those that have been agreed to at other universities," university officials said in a statement.

The executive committee of UMW's board of visitors tomorrow will name an acting president, who will start April 1.

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Outgoing UMW President Judy Hample's amended employment agreement contains several provisions.

THEY INCLUDE: Hample must consult with and obtain permission from UMW's rector for all "major personnel decisions," including the hiring and firing of senior administrators. She may receive up to five hours of university clerical support per week through June 30. She may not sue the university. She will "not engage in any conduct or communication that may impugn the reputation or integrity" of the university, to include the board of visitors and UMW employees. The board of visitors agreed to do the same in the amended agreement's "nondisparagement" clause.