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How do you know if you need to go to sex rehab?
How do you know when you need sex rehab?

Date published: 3/19/2010

HOW MUCH SEX is too much sex?

Now don't slam down the paper and scream that I'm a pervert. This is a legitimate question.

The world has been all astir this week because golfer Tiger Woods is expected to return to the PGA Tour next month.

Woods, you may recall, has been a hot topic of conversation since last Thanksgiving, when, after an alleged argument with his wife, he rammed his car into a tree outside his home.

There followed a series of stories about a series of mistresses, after which Woods checked himself into a rehab center for sex addiction therapy.

Now we all know why Woods checked into rehab. It was a political (and financial) ploy to placate his critics and keep his endorsement deals. He would return to the real world claiming that he was "cured."

To be honest, I didn't know that sex-rehab institutes even existed. And I still don't know what the criteria for entering one should be. In other words: How much sex is too much sex?

I can hear some of you now: This garbage doesn't belong in the newspaper!

That's funny, because the stories about Tiger Woods and his mistresses were on the front page of almost every newspaper in America last December. And there was hardly a magazine that didn't delve into all the sordid details--including Tiger's trip to rehab.

Well, if it's OK to talk about the result, then it should be fine to talk about the problem. So let's talk.

It is been my experience that everyone has all the answers until someone asks the question. Well, I'm asking the question.

How much sex is too much sex? At what point should the average person consider entering sex rehab?

We will begin by throwing out basketball star Wilt Chamberlain's autobiographical claim that he slept with an estimated 20,000 women before 1991.

Then we'll discount all the men in the Old Testament who had multiple wives, for those were the sexual customs of the day.

And we'll eliminate actor Mickey Rourke's assertion that he had sex with 14 women in one night. There is no evidence that Woods had that many mistresses in his entire lifetime. Should Rourke go into rehab?

Rourke's claim seems extreme, but some prostitutes reportedly have sex with that many men per night on a routine basis.

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