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Fishing report
Fishing report

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Date published: 4/1/2010

OVERVIEW: It finally looks like winter may truly be behind us, and after the winter we had many anglers are experiencing some real cabin fever. The good news is that the reports are getting better each week and some great fishing opportunities are out there right now.

RAPPAHANNOCK RIVER: The river is full of fish, especially white perch, according to Chris Hicks at Hicks Landing. Numerous reports of great white perch fishing have been coming from Port Royal to the City Docks. Bloodworms fished on the bottom are the best bait. Yellow perch are mostly gone. Crappie reports are spotty, but that should improve each week. Bass fishing is also improving. Some herring are in the river, but the hook-and-line anglers have not done well yet. As the dogwoods bloom, look for shad to make an appearance. LAKE ANNA: Carlos Wood at High Point Marina reports the longer and warmer days are helping the fish start their spawning season. The lower-end fish are feeding, cruising, and looking for beds. Throwing spinnerbaits, and medium-diving crankbaits in 4-10 feet of water will probably pick up some nice fish. You will have to cover a lot of ground, because you won't catch a lot of fish in one area. Concentrate on fairly flat areas next to some type of cover, especially stumps. Mouths of creeks, all the way to the backs, are worth prospecting. Midlake and upper-end fish are moving and feeding on spinnerbaits, jigs and hardbaits. Stripers are all over the lake, but seem to be hitting the best from the splits and up. Start at the Splits and head either direction and under the bridge if necessary. Fish the upper water column topwater to 12 feet in depth. Crappie fishing is great. The fish are fat and some are showing signs that they are full of eggs. They haven't moved into the very shallow water yet, but the will soon. Right now fish, 4-10 feet on any type of brush or structure, including bridges. They will soon move to brush piles in 2-5 feet of water. Use small minnows, grubs or mini jigs. Water temps are from high 50s-low 60s.

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