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Which is weirder: Jersey or Area 51? page 2
Beyond the headlines, from the Jersey shore to Area 51

Date published: 7/2/2010


Still, there were witnesses to all the space alien stuff that supposedly went on near Roswell, and the place has become a big tourist town.

Among the speculation concerning Roswell is the belief that there was more than one alien in the flying saucer that went down and that the feds have hidden the surviving space aliens away at Area 51 in Nevada (which Washington insists doesn't exist).

Some even say that one of the captured space creatures is a female of the species.

Hey! You think that's why the spacecraft might have crashed? That they lost control while "experimenting" in space?

Naw! No sex in space. NASA said so.

One final note. Did you see that Marilyn Monroe's chest X-rays sold at auction this week for $45,000?

I wonder what the chest X-rays of that space alien in Roswell would be worth?

I still think President Obama should trade New Jersey--to anybody for anything.

Donnie Johnston:
Email: djohnston@freelancestar.com

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