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Columnist happy troops are finally leaving Iraq
Columnist thankful our combat troops are leaving Iraq

Date published: 8/27/2010

I SAT IN FRONT of my TV and watched America's combat troops pull out of Iraq.

This was the war that President George Bush declared to be over 40 days after it began, the war that one of my readers was absolutely certain would be concluded within a year.

Seven-and-a-half years after we invaded Iraq, our combat troops have pulled out.

Still, some 58,000 soldiers remain in that Middle Eastern country, and our involvement continues.

This 40-day war went on longer than the Civil War, World War II or Korea. And when the final American soldier leaves the nightmare may just be beginning for the Iraqi people, who may be forever divided by political and religious beliefs.

So after 7 years and $800 billion, what did we accomplish?

We destroyed a country with a war that killed as many as 200,000 Iraqi civilians and provided fodder for Middle Easterners to hate Americans even more.

But our major victory was that we took out Saddam Hussein. In other words, our greatest accomplishment was that we killed a man.

True, Saddam was not the most likable of rulers. But if we are going to kill every world leader that we do not like, our world mission has just begun.

I watched America's troop pullout on several different networks, paying close attention to what was loaded in those trucks.

I couldn't believe it! I did not see one single weapon of mass destruction. And regardless of what historical revisionists may say, Saddam's stockpile of weapons of mass destruction was the one and only reason for invading Iraq.

All this "free the Iraqi people" bull came after a gullible American public discovered that there were no weapons of mass destruction.

In other words, Iraq was a war built on a lie, a lie that the Bush Administration invented, that it forced the CIA to corroborate and tried to force the rest of the world to believe.

Yes, we proved one more thing--that Americans will believe anything the government tells them.

If we are going after countries with weapons of mass destruction I suggest we now invade China, Russia, India or Pakistan. They all have atomic weapons.

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