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Columnist happy troops are finally leaving Iraq page 2
Columnist thankful our combat troops are leaving Iraq

Date published: 8/27/2010


And if America's job is to free all the world's oppressed peoples, China again would be a good place to start. There are also a number of African countries that need some help to be free.

But now the Iraqi people are free! They have their own puppet government that we have put in place and which we will destroy if it does not do the bidding of Washington.

Any Iraqi leader who goes against us knows he is likely to suffer the same fate as Saddam Hussein.

So that we may boast that we killed Saddam Hussein, more than 4,400 brave American soldiers had to die, and 32,000 were wounded. That, at least to me, is much too steep a price to pay.

It was a war where journalists who spoke out against the initial invasion were harassed and sometimes fired. By 2004 America was more divided and less free than it has ever been in my lifetime.

And we are still divided. After our invasion I vowed never again to vote for any Republican running for any office, and this man who cast his first vote for Richard Nixon and held Ronald Reagan in the highest esteem plans to hold onto that vow to his deathbed.

If you'll go back and look at my 2003 and 2004 columns (or my book, "The Axis of Idiocy"), you'll find that the Iraq War has played out just as I predicted. No rational person could have concluded otherwise.

In truth, the Iraqi people never did a thing to us. Despite what some ill-informed people claim, they were in no way involved in the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks.

Yes, Saddam Hussein may have been a despicable man. But if we are going to hang all despicable men, the gallows in every country--including our own--will be full from now until doomsday.

Oh, no! It was weapons of mass destruction that got us into Iraq, weapons that never existed, weapons that Washington knew never existed.

Or was it? What about Iraq's oil? Where is that going these days? You seem to hear as little about that as you do those mysterious weapons.

Oil or weapons of mass destruction, Iraq was a war begun with lies.

And I am thankful our troops are getting out.

They should never have gone in.

Donnie Johnston:
Email: djohnston@freelancestar.com

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