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3-D television is useless if the shows are no good page 2
New technology is great, but on-screen interest still comes from creativity and hard work

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Date published: 8/29/2010

By Rob Hedelt


When you saw a background, there wasn't a tree or two, and not even dozens. There were hundreds, as well as vines, plants, flowers and a whole world of deep and dense vegetation.

Ditto for floating hillsides and foreign creatures that filled the frames.

Cut to the worst example of the 3-D format: "Piranha."

Yes, it's a silly movie to start with, about the release of large, ravenous, prehistoric flesh-eating fish into a lake where kids are spending spring break.

The original was made as a farce after "Jaws," and the plot in this one is pretty similar.

It's too bloody by a factor of 10, but what really gets obnoxious after just a minute or two is the way it uses the 3-D technology to have fish, or boats, or people themselves seemingly come straight at you out of the big screen.

Enough, already.

The other technology push that doesn't make sense to me these days is services that let you watch TV on your smart phone or other tiny little screen.

Yes, that would be great while you're waiting for a plane or when you're at a function and just can't miss seeing your favorite team play.

But will a population that has been told TV's no good unless it's on a 60-inch wide-screen television really like it on one the size of a checkbook?

And why bother if it's not in 3-D?

Rob Hedelt: 540/374-5415
Email: rhedelt@freelancestar.com

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