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EXTREME Makeover Home Edition will have a Fredeicksburg tie when it kicks off its fall season
U.S. Lighting Showroom/Sadash Interiors donated much of the lighting for the upcoming 'Extreme Makeover Home Edition' show

 U.S. Lighting assisted in 'Extreme Makeover Home Edition's' fall season premiere, which airs on Sunday night.
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Date published: 9/24/2010

By Cathy Jett

"EXTREME Makeover Home Edition" will have a Fredericksburg tie when it kicks off its fall season on Sunday.

No, Ty Pennington, the host of the popular ABC show, won't be performing his makeover magic in the 'Burg.

But a local business, U.S. Lighting Showroom/Sadash Interiors, whose violet-and-purple building is a landmark on U.S. 1, was tapped to provide much of the lighting for the show's biggest project to date.

It covers the renovation of a huge building in Baltimore, which Pennington and company transformed in seven days into "a safe environment for at-risk children," according to the show's website.

Sherry Treadway, U.S. Lighting's chief operating officer, said one of Pennington's assistants contacted the business two months ago and asked if it would donate everything from exterior lighting fixtures to overhead lighting and lamps for various rooms.

"We were more than happy to help people in need," she said. "We donate to Habitat for Humanity, the women's homeless shelter and different shelters in the area, but it's not often you get an opportunity like that."

"Extreme Makeover's" crew picked what they wanted from U.S. Lighting's website, uslighting showroom.com, and the company worked with its vendors and sales reps to fill the requests as quickly as possible.

"Their decorators had specific things in mind, and not everything was in stock," Treadway said. "We dropped everything to get this done for them."

As a thank-you to the vendors and reps, U.S. Lighting will hold a 15 percent-off sale on all lines used in the project beginning Monday and running through Friday. This includes special-order items, which it never puts on sale, as well as stock in the store.

"A lot of our vendors paid out of pocket for shipping, or donated things," Treadway said. "We want to create more orders for our reps, which is not the easiest thing to pull off in this economy."

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