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Pro-gay marriage, pro-abortion pols massacred
Conservative social gains in election

 Gay-marriage opponents recently protested against the Iowa Supreme Court's ruling in favor of gay marriage.
Charlie Neibergall/ASSOCIATED PRESS
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Date published: 11/10/2010


--President Obama was asked at his press conference if the election meant that with regard to terminating "don't ask, don't tell," he needed "to tell your liberal base you are not able to get it done?"

Nope. He replied: "I have been a strong believer that if someone is willing to serve [in the military] they should not be prevented from doing so. Overwhelming majorities feel the same way." And Congress has "time to act in the lame-duck session."

This is outrageous.

Obama has learned nothing from what he acknowledges was a "shellacking."

Almost 90 new Republicans have been elected to Congress, but will not be seated until January. The new Congress would never vote to allow openly gay men to serve, a step opposed by the heads of every branch of the military (though it is supported by the secretary of defense).

So the president plans to push for a vote on gays in the military in the two-week lame-duck session dominated by Democrats, 61 of whom have been voted out of office.

Did Obama notice that the Democrats in the Maine legislature, which voted for same-sex marriage, were voted out of office last week? That is explicit evidence that the president is wrong in asserting "overwhelming majorities" favor same-sex marriage. The public opposes it. Forty-two states have passed defense-of-marriage laws that limit marriage to a man and a woman. Thirty put it into their state constitutions.

Did Obama hear that all three Iowa Supreme Court justices who voted for gay marriage lost their retention elections, for the first time in state history?

In fact, 680 new Republican state legislators were elected, enough for 20 state legislative chambers, like Maine's, to flip from Democratic to Republican. This is a seismic political shift.

"The sheer magnitude of the Republican victory was the big surprise," said Tim Storey, an elections analyst at the National Conference of State Legislatures.

North Carolina has its first Republican House and Senate since 1870. Alabama has its first GOP control of both houses since Reconstruction. I grew up in Alabama, where Republicans were hated. Why? As any Alabama fourth-grader could tell you, Lincoln was Republican.

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