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Thanks for suitcases for foster children
Thanks for suitcases for foster children

Date published: 11/30/2010

Thanks for suitcases for foster children

In this time of Thanksgiving, I would like to offer thanks.

It has now been almost a year since The Free Lance-Star published an article about a need for suitcases for area foster children. I thank The Free Lance-Star for taking the time and interest to share this mission with our community.

Thank you to Falmouth Self Storage, which donates a storage unit in which to house our suitcases and personal items.

Thank you to area donors who brought in new and gently used suitcases to replace trash bags for children within the foster care system.

Thank you to donors, including Barbara Robinson and the Walmart in Central Park, among others, who donated more than $1,700 to the cause.

Thank you to the donors who brought in soaps, shampoo, razors, combs, and more.

Thank you to the workers and supervisors at the region's social services departments who work with and care for these children.

Thank you to foster families who open their doors to children in need.

David L. Coman, director of the Department of Social Services in King George County, summed it up when he wrote: "For those that do not understand, there is dignity in moving with luggage versus stuffing your meager belongings into a plastic trash bag. This gift of love has given these kids some self-worth and dignity. It is hard and traumatic enough to make a move from one scary place to a new scary place. This gift actually helps with the transition. You have given all of my children something small physically, but huge emotionally. Thank you so much. Your gifts will keep giving for years to come."

To all who have worked on this mission, thank you.

Thomas Y. Savage