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Fredericksburg indictments.

Date published: 12/2/2010

The following people were indicted recently by a Fredericksburg grand jury:

Arthur Jordan Adams, Spotsylvania, possession of illegal drugs.

Shawn Michael Allen, Fredericksburg, two counts of grand larceny.

Donald Eugene Anderson II, Fredericksburg, forging a public record and shoplifting.

Jodi Lynn Bailey, Spotsylvania, three counts of embezzlement and six counts of credit card fraud.

Keith Vincent Bell, Greenbelt, Md., larceny with the intent to sell.

Katelyn Victoria Bingel, Spotsylvania, grand larceny and conspiracy.

Jeffrey Ryan Bowen, Stafford, shoplifting and conspiracy.

Brittany Rose Burton, Spotsylvania, failure to appear in court.

Jacob Stewart Dean, Spotsylvania, shoplifting and conspiracy.

Akor Madol Dit, Fredericksburg, three counts of credit card forgery, obtaining money by false pretenses, identity theft, credit card theft and credit card fraud.

Tilghman Colten Drumheller, Fredericksburg, possession of illegal drugs.

Cynthia Ann Garrett, Woodford, petty larceny and two counts of possession of illegal drugs.

Theodore Ruben Hepburn II, Culpeper, petty larceny and resisting arrest.

Carrie Suzanne Jackson, Spotsylvania, failure to appear in court.

John-Bey Jacobs, Washington, obtaining money by false pretenses.

Anquon Dante Jacobs, Orange, sodomy.

Detra Marie Kendrick, Spotsylvania, grand larceny, credit card theft, credit card fraud, identity fraud and obtaining money by false pretenses.

Jo Ellen Marie Kilgore, Fredericksburg, possession of heroin.

Sandra Jane Kinson, Fredericksburg, child neglect.

Heather Nicole Larson, grand larceny.

Jamar Ellis Lemons, Stafford, failure to appear in court.

Benjamin Lin, Stafford, two counts of obtaining money by false pretenses, two counts of conspiracy and attempting to obtain money by false pretenses.

David Allen Lyons, Arlington, larceny from a person.

Dennis Roger McDonald, Fredericksburg, possession of cocaine.

Peggy Lois McDonald, Fredericksburg, possession of cocaine.

Jonathan Edward Morgan, Stafford, two counts of shoplifting.

Kelly Gordon Nunnally, Fredericksburg, manufacturing illegal drugs.

Kathy Ann Obrien, Stafford, shoplifting and conspiracy.

John Earnest Parker Jr., Fredericksburg, possession of cocaine and receiving stolen property.

Anne Stuart Payne, Fredericksburg, unlawful wounding.

Mark L. Payne, Baltimore, six counts of failure to appear in court.

Margaret Ethel Phillips, malicious wounding.

Brian Christopher Rexrode, Spotsylvania, shoplifting and conspiracy.

Natalie Lynn Snyder, Spotsylvania, shoplifting and conspiracy.

Summer Lee Tangen, Stafford, failure to appear in court.

Vernon Walker Wilson, Fredericksburg, possession of marijuana with the intent to distribute and manufacturing marijuana.

Timothy Ashanti Wise, Fredericksburg, carrying a concealed weapon as a felon.