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We lost Ukrop's but gained a lot
We lost some, but gained a lot in 2010

 Among new eateries in Fredericksburg is Miso Asian Grill on U.S. 1 near UMW.
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Date published: 1/1/2011


Ukrop's was the place to go for chicken salad, White House rolls and friendly baggers who'd take your groceries to your car.

Then the Ukrop family decided to sell the Richmond-based supermarket chain to Giant-Carlisle, a division of Ahold USA, for $140 million, and the popular store on State Route 3 closed Jan. 30.

"Ukrop's is and will continue to be missed in Fredericksburg," lamented Sue Allred of Spotsylvania County, who used to put her daughter in a stroller and walk to the store to get salad from the salad bar for dinner.

She said she loved the fact that it was a small, locally owned company that had integrity, gave back to the community and remained closed on Sundays.

Ukrop's was among a number of Fredericksburg-area businesses that bowed out in 2010 as more and more began arriving--some in places vacated after the economy took a nose dive.

It was a year that saw a wave of new restaurants pour into the area, several chains open in long-empty spaces in Central Park, a new retail and office building in Eagle Village and the grand opening of The Village at Towne Centre.

It was also the year that the Powertrain plant in Spotsylvania closed, Spotsylvania Regional Medical Center opened and The Free Lance-Star began to be printed at Print Innovators, its parent company's new printing plant in Fredericksburg.

Quaker Steak & Lube, which opened earlier this month in the former Bangkok Boulevard in Central Park, was a reader favorite among the numerous new restaurants opening in the area, according to an informal poll conducted by The Free Lance-Star.

"The ambience is fun, (especially the Jimmie Johnson decor), and from a dish standpoint [I] was impressed with the 4-WHEELER--an appetizer (actually a meal in itself) with onion rings, pretzels, mozzarella cheese sticks and breaded dill pickles served with three dips," said Gene Philipp of Spotsylvania. "We've got several sets of friends who have told us it is their latest place to 'hang out.'"

Renard Ross, another fan, joked that he's "mad" that he can't get his oil changed while he's eating there.

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