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Road to connect Eagle Village, MWH
UMW continues to develop former Park & Shop.

Date published: 3/2/2011

Road to connect Eagle Village, MWH

University of Mary Washington Foundation continues development of former Park & Shop.

Plans are moving forward on a new road to connect Eagle Village and Mary Washington Hospital.

The University of Mary Washington Foundation and hospital have signed a memorandum of understanding to partner on a short connector road behind Eagle Village. They hope to have one built and open by early next year.

Plans call for the road entering Eagle Village from U.S. 1 to be extended between the hospital and shopping center. The road would go between Snowden at Fredericksburg, a psychiatric hospital, and Kids’ Station, a day care center, and connect with Sam Perry Boulevard.

“We’re pretty sure we’re going to do it,” said Jeff Rountree, CEO of the UMW Foundation, which owns Eagle Village.

Christopher Consultants Ltd. has been hired to draw up specific plans for the road, Rountree said. The project would then be bid out, and if prices came back in an affordable range, the project would proceed.

The drive would be two lanes with sidewalk, lighting, guardrail and fencing. On the hospital side, some of the land would have to be graded. The two sides have looked at four or five concept drawings and have narrowed it to one, said Allen Bryan, administrative director for facilities development and construction for Mary Washington Healthcare.

The road would be open to vehicles, but it’s mostly intended for people walking, riding bikes or being shuttled from the hospital to Eagle Village’s restaurants and other retail stores, Rountree said. The speed limit would probably be 5 mph, and there would be speed bumps.

Rountree said the road would run along the flattest available area to lower costs. The UMW Foundation and hospital would maintain it.

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