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What's the status of area projects?
Some are on track, while others haven't left the station.

Date published: 3/4/2011

ONCE AGAIN, itís time for Whenopoly, where we measure the gap between plans and reality.

Some area projects are on course.

The Quantico expansion, tied to the Pentagonís Base Realignment and Closure process, is going great guns as new personnel move in.

Some projects, like Kalahari Resortsí plans for a $260 million water-park resort and convention center, are waiting for better days and looser lending.

Some, like the National Slavery Museum, have fallen off the radar completely and arenít even on the list this year. Others, like the new Spotsylvania hospital, go in the Mission Accomplished file and arenít on the list. Even as we climb out from the worst economic collapse since the Great Depression, itís heartening to see so many projects in the works. Hereís hoping they all get completed.


The story so far: Last April, the Silver Cos. and Georgia-based The Columns Group announced that they would be developing Amelia Square on the crumbling former Fredericksburg Hardware Store property in downtown Fredericksburg. Plans called for 19 high-end, 4,000-square-foot townhouses and a commercial building.

Outlook: Little has happened since then on the deteriorating property. The developers have been pitching the units, which start at $769,000 and go up to $1.35 million, but it has been a tough sell amid a shaky economy. Silver officials say they continue to refine plans for the project.

óBill Freehling


The story so far: Last year the Caroline County Board of Supervisors approved a rezoning for the mixed-used Carmel Church Station project. The development plan includes a train station and other multi-modal facilities on nearly 1,100 acres between U.S. 1 and Interstate 95 near the Flying J truck stop.

There is space for a future train station on 3 acres along the CSX rail line, and a pedestrian-oriented center with residential and commercial development. Plans also call for a school, library and regional park along the North Anna River.

Outlook: Carmel Church Station is a long-term project expected to be built out over at least 20 years. The development is now undergoing an Alternative Analysis study consistent with the requirements of the Federal Transit Administration.

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