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A new look, without new stuff
Redecorated Interiors transforms rooms, with furnishings you already own, in a matter of hours.

 The redecorated dining area features artwork that fits nicely in the small alcove that holds the sideboard. The furnishings are all items the family already had.
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Date published: 9/2/2011


Ajob has brought the family to the Washington area from California, and the transition has made an already busy family even busier.

School is starting soon, so there's that, and there's this houseful of belongings that needs to be sorted out before this new house can really be called "home."

That was the situation for a North Stafford family--who after last week's earthquake realized Virginia felt even more like home than they expected. Nevertheless, the challenge they faced in getting settled in seemed a daunting one--until they decided what they could reasonably handle on their own, and what they could delegate.

This couple, who moved into their Hampton Oaks subdivision home a month ago with their four children, decided that getting some help with the sorting-out-the-belongings part would be a good idea.

Homeowner Chrissy, who asked that her family's last name not be used, said that thanks to military moves, the family had always rented. This is the first house they've owned, and she really wanted to "make it a home."

So she searched the Internet for people who could help. She landed on Redecorated Interiors, a company that consists of Sue Azzarito of Fredericksburg and Rosalee Cline of Hanover County, who, among other things, specialize in taking your existing belongings and rearranging them for a fresh look. In a matter of hours.

"Sometimes it just takes fresh eyes," as Azzarito put it after arriving at the home earlier this week. "Configuring furniture can be a puzzle for some people. They say, 'I would never have thought of using that there.'"

Added Cline: "We want people to know that they don't have to go out and buy all new stuff. It's all in rearranging what they already have."

They call this type of job "one-day decorating." But it's actually a little more than that.


They met with Chrissy a few weeks ago to get a first look at the house and determine what might need to be done in advance. All agreed that getting rid of the lime-green walls on the main level and the pink walls upstairs was Priority No. 1.

Chrissy then took on the task of painting the home's interior, choosing a pale beige to use throughout--and needing two coats to cover.

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Redecorated Interiors, which serves all of central Virginia, is among the many companies across the country that are part of the Interior Redecorators Network, an organization established in 1996 by author and interior designer Lauri Ward.

Sue Azzarito and Rosalee Cline receive training through the organization, and attend annual conferences that include seminars on such topics as "green" decorating and common decorating mistakes that homeowners can avoid.

In addition to one-day decorating, services Cline and Azzarito offer include Ready for Resale (staging), Downsizing, and Finishing Touch. Basic prices are $200 for one room; $300 for a double-room area; $100 for a color consultation; and $100 for the Finishing Touch service.

--Richard Amrhine