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UMW vows to help drive economic development page 2
UMW vows to be a key partner in regional economic development efforts

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Date published: 9/27/2011


Lynne Richardson, dean of UMW's College of Business, said she wants her school to be "in bed with the business community" to create more opportunities for students. Brian Baker's Small Business Development Center and business professors want to help area firms grow.

Hurley noted that UMW is a regional entity that can unite individual localities competing for economic development. Fredericksburg Regional Alliance President Gene Bailey agreed.

"We move forward, absolutely, as a region," Bailey said.

UMW has already gotten actively involved in area economic development. Its Eagle Village development has transformed that area of U.S. 1 in the city. Its graduate school in the Dahlgren area of King George County will open in January.

The university is working with officials from Stafford, Germanna Community College and others on a research and education center in North Stafford. Plans are in the works for a similar collaboration in Spotsylvania County.

Economic development is a "cooperative effort," Hurley told attendees at the end of yesterday's conference.

"The University of Mary Washington stands ready to assist with these efforts," Hurley said.

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