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Pancho Villa in Eagle Village reviewed

 Game on: At Pancho Villa Express in Eagle Village, diners can catch a game on one of several large-screen TVs while indulging in generous items such as this triple set of tacos.
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Date published: 10/13/2011


If I ever get to do college over again, I want to live in Eagle Village. With yummy restaurants like Pancho Villa Express and concerts in the parking lot, it's a fun place to be.

My daughter Celia and I stopped by there on a busy weeknight recently to grab a quick bite before church. We had less than an hour to eat and get to Lafayette Boulevard. We ended up having a leisurely meal and got there early--thanks to the "Express" in Pancho Villa Express.

Pancho Villa Express is set up a little differently from the other two Pancho Villa restaurants in the area. It is similar to Mexican restaurants in the area that fall somewhere between fast-food and sit-down restaurants. You go through a line and pick exactly what you want to go into your food.

What I like about this place is that it is open and airy. It has large banquettes for big groups. There are comfy couches and several large-screen TVs, which would be great for watching a game. Pancho Villa Express also has a big, wide bar complete with a selection of Mexican beer, margaritas and sangria.

Celia opted for a kid's meal because she wanted to leave room for a churro. She picked the chicken quesadilla ($3.99), which came with a basket of chips and a small container of queso. She liked how the outside was toasted and crunchy and the inside was gooey. The chicken had just the right amount of seasoning. We both liked the queso initially, but the flavor got a little old after a while.

At Pancho Villa Express, you can choose from a burrito, a bowl, tacos, a quesadilla, nachos or taco salad. Then you pick the meat you want: pollo asado (grilled chicken), carne asada (grilled steak), ground beef, beef barbacoa (shredded beef), carnitas (pulled pork) or vegetarian if you like.

I ordered a burrito ($6.55) with carnitas, black beans, white rice (yellow rice is also an option), grilled veggies, sour cream and guacamole (which is $1.90 extra). The night I was there, my burrito was on special for $5.99 and included a fountain drink.

First of all, I always forget how big burritos can be at a place like Pancho Villa Express. It was huge! And it was delicious. The pork had a really deep, complex flavor as if it had been slow cooked for a long time. It was lean and not fatty at all.

The combination of the meat, rice, beans, cheese and guacamole was very pleasant. For $5.99, it was a bargain.

As promised, Celia got a churro ($1.00). It was tasty enough, but had a denser and tougher texture than Celia prefers.

All in all, Pancho Villa Express is a nice complement to the restaurants in the college area, offering a different kind of experience. The food is fast and perfect for when you are hankering for a little Mexican at a good price.

Shannon Howell is a Fredericksburg-area writer.

What: Pancho Villa Express

Address: 1117 Jefferson Davis Highway, Fredericksburg, in Eagle Village Phone: 540/479-1999 Hours: Monday through Saturday, 10 a.m.-10 p.m.; Sunday, 10 a.m.-9 p.m. Prices:

$6.15-$6.55 (plus extra for sides like guacamole or chips)

Kids menu $3.99 (burrito, quesadilla or taco plus chips)

The Scoop: Fast Mexican food cooked fresh in a convenient location.