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Teens charged in Fawn Lake vandalism
Police charge teens involved in extensive vandalism.

Date published: 11/8/2011


Charges are pending against two 14-year-old boys who police say are responsible for $30,000 worth of vandalism in Fawn Lake last month.

Spotsylvania Sheriff's Lt. Col. Michael Timm said the vandalism spree took place during the weekend of Oct. 15.

Five victims reported extensive damage to vehicles, buildings, fences, sidewalks, personal statues and common areas of the community.

The case was assigned to Detective Leonard Short, whose investigation led him to a young teen who lives near Fawn Lake.

The teen cooperated with Short and named his accomplice, another 14-year-old boy who also lives nearby.

That boy was also cooperative with Short, Timm said.

Juvenile petitions are pending against both boys for charges including felony vandalism and tampering with a vehicle.

The boys' names were not released because they are juveniles.

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