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UMW increases tuition.
UMW increases tuition.

Date published: 4/22/2012

By Jeff Branscome

The University of Mary Washington is increasing tuition and fees by 4.7 percent for in-state students who live on campus.

The cost--including meal plans--will be $18,086 in 2012-13, which is $812 more than last year.

Tuition and fees for those students increased by $1,400 last year.

In-state students who live off campus will pay $9,246, or $440 more than in 2011-12. Last year's increase was $944.

Out-of-state tuition is increasing 4.8 percent, from $29,002 to $30,400.

UMW's board of visitors approved the increases during a meeting Friday.

UMW President Rick Hurley said in a statement that the increase, which he called modest, "will allow us to maintain our forward momentum."

--Jeff Branscome