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What is an atheist?

May 15, 2012 12:10 am

What is an atheist?

Here's the the truth about atheists.

A lot of misconceptions seem to run amok about us--such as that we have no morals, we hate religion, we are Satanists (try and wrap your head around that one), we feel that no action should have consequences, etc.

It is all nonsense--for the most part, anyway.

First off, we are not a group. As atheists, we have much in common, but it isn't a club with weekly meetings. We are just people who have somehow reached the same conclusion: That there is insufficient evidence for a God. That's it.

I am speaking only for myself, but I'm sure others will agree. I believe that it is the fact that life is finite that makes it so beautiful.

Think of your first kiss, the first time trying your favorite food, and watching the birth of your child. If those lasted forever, they would hold no meaning. They are your own special places in time. Unfortunately, time is fleeting.

Atheists do believe in eternal life, proverbially speaking. Through our actions, we can create a legacy. In some cases, it can live on for ages.

Of course, we have morals. My cat is obviously godless, but she doesn't try to eat me while I sleep. Instead, she just wants to cuddle and be warm and loved.

Humans are the same. We would have killed ourselves off centuries ago if we didn't inherently have morals. We want to love and be proud of what we love. Our thumbs and minds are far more useful than just as simple hunting tools.

I don't hate religion. I do hate when your religion dictates how others can live their lives.

We believe that you get only one chance for happiness. We are appalled when people doing no harm to anyone are robbed of that chance. Yes, I was alluding to many issues we face today.

I am your neighbor. I am your friend. I am not a heathen. I am an atheist.

Dan Dormer


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