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Why does FDA allow cigarette toxins?

Date published: 9/5/2012

Why does FDA allow cigarette toxins?

This is in response to the article in Healthy Living ["Brain shrinks, stroke risk rises in smokers," Aug. 12]. Since 1948, our government--i.e., the Food and Drug Administration, Health and Human Resources, the USDA, etc.--has turned a blind eye to the toxins in cigarettes. Why? There are 4,000 chemicals found in cigarettes. Why allow cigarettes to be sold to the Americans our government is suppose to serve and protect?

Mary Washington Hospital has a smoking-cessation program at the hospital, only on Thursday evenings. Some people cannot drive after dark. Some people need this program in their county. MWH is supposed to serve the five surrounding counties: Why is this program only in Fredericksburg?

If the government and doctors refuse to help residents and patients quit, who will?

Sitting in a room with a group of guilt-ridden smokers and listening to talk will not help. It all begins and ends with the government. If there is poison and government approves its sale, the government is responsible.

Government takes measures regarding children left in cars on hot days, but it allows cigarette manufacturers to continue to poison these children when they grow up.

We all know that if the government allows it, we have to live with it.

Carol Williamson

King George County