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Thanks to Mrs. Heidig for sidewalk switch

Date published: 9/14/2012

Thanks to Mrs. Heidig for sidewalk switch

I am writing to thank and congratulate Ann Heidig for rethinking her vote on the Spotsylvania Courthouse Historic District sidewalk phase that was recently voted down by others. Also, thank you to supervisors Marshall, Skinner, and Pitts for understanding that the sidewalks are a safety measure as well as an aesthetic addition to the village area.

To proclaim the cost is "crazy" is to say that one does not recognize the cost of special bricks nor the labor of brick masons and the skills required to complete the project.

Spotsylvania is a special place, or at least many residents think so. The completion of this project will provide jobs as well as send a message that the county can complete another project on the amenity list.

Remember, the courthouse area is the heart of the county; how it appears says a lot about how we value our community.

Caroline R. Hayden