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Grzeika's 'unilateral decisions' irk board page 2
King George resident learns he doesn't qualify for rebate after installing energy-saving devices because of the action of one county supervisor

 Dennis Askin did not get a $500 rebate for energy-saving changes to his family's home because Supervisor Joe Grzeika kept King George out of the grant program.
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Date published: 9/16/2012



At a town-hall meeting Brabo held in June, Bob Fuscaldo, a former supervisor and Dahlgren base commander, spoke about the need for a Joint Land Use Study. The study looks at the interaction between a military base and the community around it.

The Department of Defense has to make serious cuts in coming years and may look at shutting down more bases, he said.

The 2005 Base Realignment and Closure, or BRAC process, "was real, real close in terms of closing down Dahlgren," Fuscaldo said in June. Efforts by key individuals kept it open, as well as studies by the Fredericksburg Regional Chamber of Commerce.

Its research showed the military installations at Dahlgren, Quantico and Fort A.P. Hill provide jobs for more than one-third of the people in the Fredericksburg region.

The Navy set aside money in November 2011 to do the land-use studies at Dahlgren and Indian Head, Md., said Dahlgren spokesman Gary Wagner. Then, Navy officials asked county representatives, who work with them on the Civilian-Military Community Relations Council, when the studies might begin.

Grzeika was appointed by the supervisors to be King George's representative. He's also spent his career at the base, including nine years as an electronic warfare specialist for the Navy, then 22 years working for defense contractors or as a consultant.

Grzeika told the COMREL board the timing for a land-use study wasn't good because the county was updating its Comprehensive Plan. He said he'd prefer to delay it for two years, Wagner said.

The Charles County, Md., representative said the same thing about the Indian Head study, Wagner said.

Grzeika's decision bothered Fuscaldo, who has been through four base-closing procedures as a Navy officer and civilian. He believes the county should have done the study as soon as funding was allocated.

"They don't send money out because they feel good about things. They send that money out because they're gathering information about encroachment issues," Fuscaldo said.

Brabo, who joined the King George board in January, also was concerned that she didn't get to weigh in on the decision. The Navy base is in her district.


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