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Orange pans plan to allow training site page 2
Somerset residents blast proposal for tactical training facility.

Date published: 9/22/2012


Conditions specified in the proposed amendment include limiting training to common military and hunting small arms, including, but not limited to, calibers ranging from .22 to .50.

Sean O'Brian, chief operating officer of the Montpelier Foundation, spoke against the proposal. Noting that President James Madison's former home brings in some 125,000 visitors to Orange County each year, employs approximately 140 people and has an annual payroll of $4 million, he said, "The mansion itself is within the circle of impact of .50-caliber weapons that will be fired in this location."

Orange County author and historian Frank S. Walker Jr. had the final word. "I cannot believe," he said, "that you can permit this nuisance to be in Orange County. What it will do to property values, to your other industries, is unconscionable."

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