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You're religious? So what? Leave me alone!

Date published: 9/23/2012

You're religious? So what? Leave me alone!

I read the paper daily, including the opinions of people I disagree with. I try to have an open mind. But I am sick of religious zealots who blather on about what their God is going do to me if I don't shape up and do what their Bible says.

The Founding Fathers said this nation was not to be based on Christian values and not based on the dogma of any religion, but over time people have changed history to suit their beliefs. If you are against abortion, don't have one; if you are against gay marriage, don't accept an invitation to the wedding; and so on. It seems simple to me.

I know and respect some very religious people who quietly get up every Sunday and go to church, they help their neighbors, they give to charity, and they never once come over and try to save me or chide me for my sins. They live by an example that would make anyone proud to be their neighbor.

That is my understanding of freedom, theirs and mine.

Terri Robertson

King George