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K.G. hires interim county attorney
King George supervisors pick a Richmond lawyer as temporary county attorney

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Date published: 9/23/2012


Richmond lawyer Jeffrey Gore has been named the temporary county attorney for King George.

The Board of Supervisors announced Tuesday that Gore, who works with Hefty & Wiley, will be paid $8,000 a month for his work with King George. He'll serve as interim county attorney until the board selects a full-time replacement for Matt Britton, who resigned last month and announced he will go into private practice.

Britton was elected the commonwealth's attorney in 1999 and became the county attorney two years later.

The Board of Supervisors acknowledged Britton's service Tuesday and presented him a plaque--one of many Britton said he received that day during a reception.

Supervisors Chairman Cedell Brooks Jr. said he considered Britton his friend and his "light-skinned brother."

When Brooks was hospitalized after a stroke in November 2010, Britton and his daughter--one of nine children the attorney has--visited Brooks and brought him a crucifix.

"I'm Baptist, but I kept that crucifix and still have it," Brooks said.

Britton told the supervisors that he always tried to do the right thing, and that he "could do nothing without God." He said he considered the various board members he served over the years his friends, as well.

"It's an honor to serve the public, but it's an ever bigger honor to serve your friends," Britton said.

Gore, his replacement, joined the Richmond law firm that specializes in advising local and regional government bodies in 2007.

Before then, he served as legal counsel to several committees of the Virginia General Assembly. He also worked with the Virginia Division of Legislative Services and as a legislative aide to Sen. John Watkins, R-Powhatan.

Gore earned a bachelor's degree in history from the University of Virginia and his law degree from the George Mason University School of Law.

He provides free legal services to several nonprofit groups in Richmond and is chairman of the board of an organization that provides affordable housing for newly arrived refugees in Virginia.

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