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Democrats have left God far behind

Date published: 10/2/2012

Democrats have left God far behind

I watched some of the Democratic Convention. What a sad affair. They championed abortion and homosexuality.

On one evening, abortion-rights activists were given the podium amidst cheering and applause. The presidents of NARAL, Pro-Choice America, Planned Parenthood, and pro-choice members of the House and Senate all endorsed "women's health issues," which mean free abortion on demand. Pregnancy is defined as disease.

I remember when Roe v. Wade was passed and the Democrats put abortion rights in their platform. My husband and I were Democrats, but that year we became Republicans, and we never returned to the Democratic Party. Abortion was supposed to end child abuse. But the opposite happened. There were more cases of child abuse.

Abortion tells people that babies/children are not valuable; they're expendable. I have never understood how a woman can kill her own child. Ultrasounds have shown her a living baby; arms and legs moving and a heart beating. God calls children "a heritage of the Lord."

But Democrats have also disrespected God: The name of God was left out of the platform. When some delegates attempted to put it back in, others voted "no" and booed God three times.

Democrats also endorsed gay marriage in their platform. God made a man and his wife one flesh. Why? Because he sought a godly offspring of their union (Malachi 2:14-16). A man and woman can produce children. Therefore, God instituted marriage so their children would be legitimate.

Two men or two women are incapable of producing a child. They are free to live together, but their living together doesn't meet the definition of marriage.

I encourage Christians who believe that abortion and gay marriage are wrong to speak up, write letters, and oppose the Democratic agenda.

America cannot survive without God's blessing.

LaDonna Dougherty