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Evidence that you can trust the Bible abounds

Date published: 10/3/2012

Evidence that you can trust the Bible abounds

The Bible has more than 1,000 historical and 450 messianic (precisely and clearly fulfilled) prophecies that yield a statistical value exceeding 435 digits and that assumes each Biblical prophecy only had a 50-50 chance of being fulfilled! For reference, the mass (weight) of the universe divided by the mass of a quark (smallest known particle) can not exceed a 90-digit number.

Now add the complexity of a Bible written by some 40 individuals over 1,500 years with inerrancy and perfect harmony; the Dead Sea Scrolls attesting to the veracity that the Old Testament text existed centuries prior to Jesus Christ; more than 25,000 archeological excavations that have filled warehouses and museums with artifacts with no evidence contrary to the Bible; dozens of scientific facts clearly stated and not discovered or validated until centuries later; the unique and clearly symbolic celestial constellation (set in space and motion before man existed) being in absolute coincidence with the prophesied events of the messiah's conception, birth, Magi visitation, and death proves God (the Creator of this universe) had absolute foreknowledge of his son Jesus Christ.

These statistics--and volumes more--prove that God exists and it is impossible for mankind to claim the Bible's authorship without his supernatural intervention.

Since the original biblical text was inspired (authored) and preserved by God himself (albeit scribed by man), it has his authority on any subject and it exceeds any other document or reasoning.

Likewise, all contrary texts or thoughts are from a god set to destroy Judeo-Christianity.

Gene Waldenmaier