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Bullies ruin grandson's first day of kindergarten

October 3, 2012 12:10 am

My grandson, who started kindergarten, had his excitement about attending a "big kids" school destroyed on the very first day by being approached in the school hallway and lunchroom by a couple of other children pointing and laughing at him, calling him an "elf." His ears are big for a child his size, but they are not pointed, and he is quite a good-looking and well-behaved boy.

When I met him at the bus that afternoon he got off the bus holding his hands over his ears, saying he hated school and did not want to go back. My daughter and I talked with him and she called the school and talked with his teacher. The incidents continue, but my grandson, after talking with the school counselor, is coping.

I wrote to the principal and Spotsylvania School Board suggesting that they hold a general assembly at the beginning of the school year explaining what bullying is and how harmful it can be. I have yet to receive a reply.

All children should be able to feel safe in the school environment from the time they get on the school bus until they are back home. I would suggest that parents talk to their children and make it a point to ask them daily how their day in school was.

Granted, children must learn to take criticism and stand on their own, but no child deserves to be harassed or made fun of because of physical appearance or status in life.

My older daughter, who lives in western Pennsylvania, told me her children received T-shirts that had an anti-bullying theme and a pamphlet to take home to discuss with their parents. I feel a program like this should be used here as well.

Larry Ottolini


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