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Date published: 10/3/2012

Will Romney & Sons, all non-vets, apologize?

The drumbeat of war is all around us. Fine. Call me and mine after Mitt and his five sons have served.

The country has a great opportunity to see the true character of the Romney family. Like his neoconservative friends, Mitt is willing to sacrifice our sons and daughters to protect liberty, but he is not willing to sacrifice his own sons to that same cause. America is now extracting itself from about 12 years of war in Iraq and Afghanistan. The five military-age Romney boys have made zero sacrifice for those wars.

Even as the Romney family plunders the great wealth of our nation, thousands of our sons and daughters made the ultimate sacrifice; tens of thousands will live out the remainder of their lives suffering from the physical and mental wounds from those wars.

It's now time for the Romney family to make a contribution to the protection of liberty. Going back three generations, not a single member of this Romney family has contributed to the defense of this great nation.

Perhaps, it's time for the Romneys to apologize to the 47 percent of us who defend this nation and who defend Mitt's right to seek unlimited wealth.

Cliff Vaughn