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Let job creation start with store browsing

Date published: 10/4/2012

Let job creation start with store browsing

Where will the presidential candidates create all the new jobs they are talking about?

The last few years when in stores I've looked at the underside of items or at their labels to see where they were made. What have I discovered?

Most products are made in China, including most of our computer and electronic equipment. Some clothing is made in Vietnam or some country outside the U.S. Go around your home or workplace and look around.

We did find Starbucks mugs and other products made in the U.S. Others were made in China. I was in a high-end department store in Richmond and saw a sign for French shirts. Their labels said "Made in China."

Where are the candidates going to create jobs? China?

Maybe they need to stop saying how bad the other guy is and how great they are and browse through some stores and talk to us.

How about keeping quiet and listen to people outside the Washington beltway? If they do, maybe they will get an idea where they need to create jobs.

David Vohar