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Public good, U.S. debt: Reasons to pay taxes

October 4, 2012 12:10 am

Public good, U.S. debt: Reasons to pay taxes

We don't pay enough in taxes, and trying to reduce one's taxes to as low as possible is like not being able to find your wallet when the restaurant tab arrives.

Sure, we can focus on the welfare queen, the unpopular war, foreign aid, etc., as reasons we don't want to pay any more, but we live in a country where we have banded together for the public good--defense, clean air and water, safe roads, a support system for the elderly and the less fortunate, public education, fire and police departments, space exploration, public health, state and federal parks, food safety, and worker safety--stuff we can't do as individuals.

Even if we don't agree with how the federal government operates, we have a debt--money that has been spent and must be repaid.

Several times I have contributed to political campaigns. Immediately I received tons of junk mail from my candidate leading me to believe that my meager contributions were being spent to fill my post office box with unwanted literature.

I'm doing something about that this year.

Rather than send my contribution to a candidate, I sent it to, where the money will go to pay down the U.S. federal debt.

You can probably determine who my choice for president is.

Richard McGowan


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