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Show me your plans, Mr. President!

October 5, 2012 12:10 am

Show me your plans, Mr. President!

President Obama repeatedly beats Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan over the head with demands for specific plans for the next four years, just as he repeatedly beat Romney over the head with demands for copies of tax returns.

My question is: Mr. President, why are you demanding from your opponent what you are unwilling/unable to do yourself? Before you demand detailed plans from Romney and Ryan, remember that Mitt Romney published a 59-point economic plan months ago, which he has summarized in five points for campaign speeches, and Paul Ryan presented a detailed budget that supplemented the Simpson-Bowles plan, which he felt was incomplete, presented it to Congress, and passed it in the House.

Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan have plans for our economic recovery--they have put them forward for the nation to see. Where are your plans, Mr. President? What do you offer besides: "I inherited a mess; I didn't get it done; things could have been worse; the economy is turning around; I have created some jobs, not enough, but some. Just give me some more time to keep doing the same thing I've done for these four years." I don't hear anything else!

Do you have a plan?

Jim Thomson


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