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I like Virgil, but won't vote for him this time

Date published: 10/5/2012

I like Virgil, but won't vote for him this time

I have been a supporter of Congressman Virgil Goode. He is articulate and has voted for many of the conservative values I felt were important. I've supported him and voted for him. After losing the 2008 election, Virgil had the opportunity to run for Congress again in 2010. I would have supported him again, but he decided not to run!

Virgil's current run for president on a third-party ticket will not result in his return to office. Instead it will help Obama and detract from the election of Romney and Ryan. In this year's critical election every vote is important and will be required to replace Obama. Misdirected votes can give Virginia's electoral delegates to Obama.

I must now set aside my loyalty to Virgil Goode for the greater good of electing Romney and Ryan, and I encourage others to do the same.

Vote to elect Romney and Ryan, and George Allen to the U.S. Senate and Robert Hurt to Congress, so that America can be America again for our children and grandchildren.

The sad fact is: Virgil left me; I did not leave Virgil.

L.B. Hagen