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Did security service drop the ball in Libya?

October 5, 2012 12:10 am

Did security service drop the ball in Libya?

Has anyone ever heard of diplomatic security? Believe it or not, these men and woman are trained very much like the Secret Service.

While the Secret Service protects the president and visiting heads of state, the Diplomatic Security Service protects lower-level visitors. They also protect our passports.

All of these people trained by the State Department are assigned to our embassies; when sent to an embassy, they are called regional security officers.

What happened in Libya should have never happened--it's just that simple.

Foreign Buildings Operation is charged with overseas buildings and their ability to withstand attacks.

While I have been retired a long time, I cannot believe these great operations have been destroyed by the current administration. More likely, a few have just made a mess of things.

Walter E. Kreutzer


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