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Republicans favor vets? They show it a funny way

October 5, 2012 12:10 am

In driving around Spotsylvania County, I see signs reading "Veterans for Romney and Ryan." Really? Republicans are for veterans?

Did you know that one in four young veterans is unemployed? Yes, one in four. Yet Senate Republicans just voted to kill the Veterans' Jobs Corps Act, which would have put thousands of unemployed war veterans to work. And this bill was paid for: It wouldn't have cost new money or increased the deficit.

This veterans' jobs program would have created jobs for veterans in law enforcement and firefighting. It also would have put veterans to work maintaining federal, state, and local parks and national cemeteries. The Veterans' Jobs Corps Act even would have provided grants to the private sector to hire veterans for jobs covered by the program.

Our Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans have experienced unimaginable sacrifice, yet they are returning to America to find no jobs for them. When you're unemployed, you can't pay the rent, you can't put food on the table, and you can't buy school clothes for your children. Letting our veterans suffer staggering unemployment is unconscionable and not representative of American values.

Just this once, couldn't Republicans put aside their politics of obstruction and help those who have sacrificed bravely for us?

"Veterans for Romney and Ryan"? Ask the 25 percent of young war veterans who don't have a job! Ask the 200,000-member Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America, who expressed outrage at the GOP vote.

Judy Krongold


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