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A lot of caring shown in historic Port Royal

Date published: 10/5/2012

A lot of caring shown in historic Port Royal

As president of a 501(c)(3) organization in Caroline County, I am grateful to the Rappahannock United Way for its sponsorship of the 2012 Days of Caring event.

Last week, 19 employees of a corporate supporter of the United Way spent a day of intensive labor. They cleaned, polished, pruned, and painted in and around the Old Port Royal one-room schoolhouse and a structure soon to house the Port Royal Museum of American History here in Port Royal.

They did an excellent job of preparing the one-room school for its October living history classes for fourth-grade scholars. Then the volunteers turned to hours of work in the building that formerly housed the Union First Market Bank. They worked diligently to help make it ready for a planned soft opening of the Port Royal Museum in November.

The officers of Historic Port Royal Inc. join with me in expressing appreciation to Mr. William Beale, the trustees of Union First Market Bank, their employees, and the officials of Rappahannock United Way for their tremendous support of our community-based and volunteer supported assets.

The 2012 Days of Caring really did make a difference in Port Royal.

Cleo Coleman