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Trail gets study, but lacks money page 2
Questions remain for the proposed Deep Run Spur Trail

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Date published: 10/6/2012


"I'm not absolutely against using taxpayer dollars for trails, but of course it depends on how much and what other funding is available," Trampe said.

Federal grants are available, but those require matching contributions from local governments.

Generally speaking, the trail would start by the Rappahannock River behind the Bowman Center. It would head west past Slaughter Pen Farm and connect to Lee Drive--part of the East Coast Greenway.

The Virginia Tech design center has proposed extending the path past Lee Drive to Mary Lee Carter Park off Benchmark Road and the future Virginia Railway Express station.

Some of the issues with that plan include a lack of space along Benchmark Road, part of which runs parallel to railroad tracks.

Russ Smith, superintendent of Fredericksburg and Spotsylvania National Military Park, said he hadn't seen specific proposals but is generally "very much in favor of the trail, although many details have to be worked out."

"As we can see from the use of Lee Drive and other areas of the park, there certainly is a demand," he said.

Chris Folger, chairwoman of the Greenways Initiative, said she recognizes the funding issues.

"We're going to have to figure out how to get access to bigger money if we're going to make bigger things happen," she said. "The Deep Run trail would be a more ambitious trail than anything we've tackled before."

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