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Romney's Mormonism is to his credit

October 7, 2012 12:10 am

Romney's Mormonism is to his credit

To anyone who is concerned about Mitt Romney being a Mormon I would like to say that being a Mormon is a positive thing. Mormons are ethical, moral, family-oriented people. I have always admired them for their way of living.

Their beliefs do differ some from basic Christianity, but they call themselves Christians and they read and live by the Bible. They are big into giving and helping those in need. For five years Romney led a congregation of 4,000 and spent many hours helping and counseling people even while he was busy with his jobs, including the Olympics.

People say he has tremendous energy and concentration, and he certainly has experience in leading and making decisions. I think he and his family are good people and a good example. He is worthy of our vote.

Gail Bollmann


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