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Would a 'virtuous'--or free--people re-elect this ticket? page 3
Linda White's op-ed column on failed president Barack Obama.

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Date published: 10/7/2012


Barack Obama has failed even by his own standards. Speaking of economic recovery, he said, "If I don't have this done in three years, then there's going to be a one-term proposition." Amen, so be it. His economic policies have failed to produce jobs, relieve unemployment, or get the economy moving again. His "outreach" to the Muslim world has been interpreted by it as weakness. His has not been a post-partisan presidency; in fact, he has failed to cross the aisle and compromise with Republicans, a point Virginia Sen. Jim Webb now says was a mistake in passing Obama- care. Unlike President Clinton, Obama did not move to the center after devastating midterm elections. His advocacy for abortion, his attacks on First Amendment religious freedom, his administration's refusal to protect American diplomats in Benghazi, then lying about the cause of the raid that killed Ambassador Chris Stevens--these do not reflect virtue.

But will Americans really look at Obama's record? Or will they mindlessly buy the slanted views of the mainstream media, guffaw at Mitt Romney's gaffes, and pull the lever for the "cool" candidate, who tickles our ears, promises a lot, and accomplishes little that's good?

If so, we'll get what we deserve. And God help us all.

Linda J. White is assistant editorial-page editor of The Free Lance-Star.

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